Cities and villages

The most important and interesting cities near Selva de’ Colli are Teramo, Atri, Campli, Ascoli Piceno, Civitella del Tronto and Castelli.
Teramo: The town is the administrative center of the region. It was dominion of the italic Pretuzi people, before the romans occupied the region in 290 B.C The romans made it an important city. You can find several antique monuments, such as the ruins of the roman theatre and amphitheatre.
Atri: Atri is a very antique settlement of the italic Piceni people. The old latin name of Hatria has probably given name to the Adriatic Sea. In 290 B.C the romans conquered the town and transformed it into one of their most important fortresses on the Adriatic Sea, then destroyed by Hannibal. From the long feudal reign of the ducal Acquaviva family, there are several important buildings which witness the medieval and renaissance grandeur of the city.
Campli: This charming little town has preserved the medieval and renaissance structure and asset. It hosts a small delicious archaeological museum.
Ascoli Piceno: The town is in one of the art-cities (città d’arte) in the Marche-region. It was the very center of the italic Piceni people until 286BC when the romans conquered it. Today the city is known for some roman buildings, such as the bridge of Solestà, and its well preserved medieval architecture in the centre of the town.
Civitella del Tronto: This particular small town is built around a important old fortress situated on the top of a rock. As a fortress strategically important it was used for the very last time in the 1860 for the defence of the north border of the Kingdom of Naples, before the constitution of the today’s Italian state. 
Castelli: The enchanting small town is situated on the slope of the high Monte Camicia and is famous for its handmade pottery. An activity which was started about 1000 years ago by the Benedictine monks.

Medieval churches

The Abruzzi Region is incredibly rich in medieval churches both in the city and the countryside . Within distance of 50 – 60 km from La Selva de’ Colli we suggest S. Pietro ad Spoltinum in Selva de’ Colli, S.Maria in Vico, S. Maria di Propezzano in Morro d’Oro, S.Clemente in Guardia Vomano.